The prison system all over the world serves the purpose of housing and rehabilitation of criminals before they are released back to the society. Cases of overcrowding and lack of sufficient prison workers in the prisons have made it hard for the prison system to perform efficiently its role of rehabilitation. Furthermore, lack of efficiency in the operations of the prison system has led to an increase in crime inside the prison system and this hugely betrays the role of the prison in the society. Securus technologies is a company that develops software and other digitized platforms that enable the smooth running and operation of prisons in the United States of America.


Secures technologies started as a communications company, facilitating communications between prisoners and their families. From its inception, prison systems in the United States of America were barely functioning due to challenges that made the prison system almost inoperable. Securus company, therefore, had to step up and start offering solutions to the prisons. With the continuous development in technology, digital platforms set to perform specific tasks seemed the only way forward for Securus technologies.


Secure technologies acquired J pay markets, a leading technology company that had initiated electronic payments, email and other education-related applications to the correction space. This acquisition was a huge leap and resulted in the development of digitised platforms that resulted in the creation of; jail management software, wireless containment solutions, parolee monitoring and inmate health care monitoring software.


These various platforms have been helpful in the prison system. Incidences of crime among prisoners, prisoners lacking educational material while incarceration and sick prisons lacking sufficient health care have been greatly reduced. Furthermore, prison guards are able to work more efficient and their workload has been greatly reduced since the introduction of the digitised platforms in the prison system.


In a world where efficiency is a vital aspect in determining the functioning capability of a system, Securus technologies have been able to better the prison system in the United States of America. Prisons have been able to serve their critical role of rehabilitation of criminals to outstanding citizens.





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