Penelope Kokkinedes Meets With Trump to Plan How InnovaCare Health Can Improve Puerto Rico

Innovacare Health has been very instrumental in the betterment and the redevelopment of Puerto Rico following the hurricane that happened there recently. Many people had to get healthcare but were unable to do so due to the situation of the clinics and hospital in the territory, many of which were utterly damaged during the hurricane and have still not recovered.


Penelope Kokkinides, who heads Innovacare Health together with Rick Shinto, was one of the eight women who were invited by President Donald Trump for a meeting to discuss how to improve the lives of people in Puerto Rico. She came up with a plan on how to develop the country and give the people there access to good medical care regardless of their personal situation.


Penelope said that if we do not address the situation in Puerto Rico right now, it will only get worse. People will not be able to get access to the care that they need and will end up getting sicker and perhaps even die. There must be a way to address the situation, she said. She said that in her opinion, making sure that there is enough funding is the first step towards improving the situation in Puerto Rico.


However, Penelope Kokkinides is more than just someone who sits at meetings and talks about what other people should do. She decided to make sure that the residents of Puerto Rico do in fact have access to the right amount of medical care. To that end, she set up more than thirty mobile clinics in Puerto Rico. These mobile clinics are situated all around the territory and have helped more than twenty five thousand people who need access to medical care.


These clinics help people out in all kinds of ways. They help people who need medications and are unable to get them in other places in Puerto Rico. To make sure that the people are able to get access to the medical care that they need, the clinics all have pharmacies right on the site so that patients can go with their prescriptions right away and have them filled. This way, they do not have to worry about other pharmacies not having their medications in stock. In addition, there are professionals who will help you out with your diet and exercise plans so that you stay healthy.


Betsy DeVos: Overhauling the Way That Students See Their Education

It seems right now that the schools in the United States are a little bit of a disaster. With gun violence and school shootings on the rise, parents have become terrified to send their children to school. When the children are at school and do not feel as though they are going to be threatened with gun violence, there are bullies and many other types of disadvantages. Now, this is in every single school in the United States, but it is a growing trend throughout the media. The problem is that there is a general degree of tension surrounding the school system, and while gun violence is not any of the victims or institutions fault it does detract from an underlying issue within the school systems themselves.


According to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, the biggest problem with American schools are not that there is more gun violence but that the schools themselves are not performing to an acceptable standard. It is entirely possible that while extensive media coverage displays these types of incidences, it completely glosses over the fact that many students are receiving a substandard education. This can cause increased frustration and detachment from the educational process. Students may feel as though there’s nothing they can do to change the system, and simply look at their time in the school system as a sentence they must get through.


Betsy DeVos has never wanted students to feel that way about the education process. She wants it to be a fun and exciting time in their lives. After all, this is the time that they build the foundations of everything that they will learn throughout the remainder of their lives. School choice is going to play a pivotal role in the future when it comes to building those foundations. Students may be suffering, but Betsy DeVos is not willing to let this continue on much further. She has been pushing for alternative school options for quite some time now. In fact, in Michigan, she has pioneered one of the largest school choice systems in America. With school choice, parents will feel empowered to send their children to the private schools, virtual schools, home schools, or charter schools of their choice. This will be an opportunity for them to give their children a more tailored experience, something that they can feel excited about again.


A great example of one of these types of schools can actually be found in Michigan with a charter school that has been founded in an airport. This gives students the opportunity to center their learning environment around aviation and give them pertinent examples for their continued education. This is just one of the many examples that children will be exposed to as they expand their horizons within the school choice networks. Betsy DeVos, in her husband, were directly responsible for the founding of this charter school and seek to address a continued interest in such facilities in the future. There’s no reason that students should dislike their teachers or their learning environment, Betsy DeVos is going to make sure of it.


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Inspiring Life Of Tony Petrello

In the American corporate sector, there is one person who has a very inspiring story. He is the executive of Nabors Industries, top oil and natural gas drilling firm in the world. He has come from a humble background to now become a top corporate executive in the United States. Petrello grew up in a working environment where he got a chance to learn the work ethics from the working people Newark, New Jersey.

Petrello is now running the largest land-based drilling company in the world. He is also helping the community deal with some of the issues being encountered but has not been addressed by the relevant government departments. He is behind the development of a Neurological Research Centre at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

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To say that the career of Tony has been successful would be an underestimate. He has outperformed even his expectations, coming from a humble company to now top-paid CEO in the United States is not something that he also expected. Thanks to the success he has had running the drilling company, Tony Petrello is among the top remunerated CEOs. His inspiring life did not only start with Nabors Industries; it is something that started from his early life in Newark. Petrello’s life has seen a number of turns and twists which have made him a top corporate leader in the country. Most of the successes he has had come from personal attributes such as hard work, creativity and natural thinking gifts.

Tony Petrello has made wealth working as a corporate leader. As part of his efforts to show gratitude to people who impacted his life positively, he has been engaged in ways of giving back to the community. His main efforts have been helping children with neurological disorders get a better life by living a good life. Tony has made his life an inspiration to people who would also like to give back to the community. To understand the life of Tony Petrello well, one will need to go back from the beginning and look at his life.

Tony Petrello has a daughter named Carena who was born with a neurological disorder known as cerebral palsy. This is a condition that has stopped her from enjoying life like other children. She is unable to do basic body functions such as walking and talking because she cannot coordinate movement of body muscles. Petrello is donating to neurological research so that her daughter can get better treatment.

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Keeping Small-Box Medical Stores Alive with Drew Madden

Amazon did a thing, and now CVS is doing a thing back. It’s another day in the life of a citizen who watches in wonder and awe — and maybe a little boredom — as two companies engage one another in a war of expansion and self-defense.

As if Amazon wasn’t large enough, the major web-based retailer recently took on the mantle of sending medical gear, which required an application for licenses in several states to permit it first. It seems that’s panning out just fine for them, and their next priority is to advance into the territory of shipping prescription medications and emergency goods using drones. We’re not sure how state legislature will feel about that one — what if a drone somehow doesn’t make the delivery and the pills end up in the wrong hands? — but Amazon will find a way, we’re sure.

Small-box retailers that emphasize the provision of medical goods and services such as Rite Aid are now a little worried about what this means for them in the distant future. While short-term protective measures can be taken to stanch the bleed, it seems that Amazon’s grip over the net-based retail environment has given them a near-limitless source of power to throw the industry for a loop in whatever way they see fit. Whole Foods was recently swallowed up by the net giant; Toys “R” Us recently lost their footing; now CVS is on the move with inquiries into the acquisition of health insurance giant Aetna to box themselves into a safe corner where Amazon hopefully can’t touch them.

If this is going to pan out, CVS will need to amp up their back-end support. If there’s one thing to learn from all this, it’s that the Internet is insanely powerful, and while CVS is bound to its brick-and-mortar stores to a large extent, they can leverage that with the help of industry legends such as Drew Madden to help them provide healthcare services that even Amazon can’t surpass. Madden’s name is raised in particular because he’s also on the move to keep companies like this alive and kicking. Keep an eye out on the news in the medical industry; you just might see more of him coming around.

Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey really knows his math, and he makes it his business to know other people’s math as well. The particular details of this matter of fact may not be as exciting as a football hall of famer’s rise to championship accolades. And, his story might not be as well recognized as that of a mediocre businessman who somehow finds himself in the White House. However, the nuances of his life and time are without a doubt history, complete with awards and all.


The official title for Lacey is mathematician. He is an educated individual with a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He owes his direction to Walter Philipp. From the looks of everything, Lacey has his money’s worth from the time spent that fine institution. His thesis covers the subject of probability in Banach spaces. In completing that task, his work creates a solution for the iterated logarithm dealing with empirical characteristic functions.


Moving on from there, his interests and intelligence grows into the fields of probability, harmonic analysis, and ergodic theory. His professional experience includes positions held at Louisiana State University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is in the halls of North Carolina where Lacey and Philipp work together to to submit proof of a theorem.


His time spent at Indiana University yields most impressive results as he receives a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. This opens the door to Lacey’s studying of the bilinear Hilbert transform. That endeavor results in the solving of Alberta Calderon’s conjecture. To be fair, Christoph Thiele shares in the credit for that as well. The reward for their collaborative effort is the Salem Prize.


From 1996, things pretty much settle down for Lacey, as he continues to hold his position of professor of Mathematics with the Georgia Insurance of Technology. The only thing else to mention is his Guggenheim Fellowship and membership in the American Mathematical Society.

Unique Wireless Containment Technology Protects The Securus Network

Who Is Securus Technologies


If you’re currently paying excessive fees, not getting a quality network for your inmate calls, or unprofessional customer support, the Securus Technologies network answers the call for telecommunications sustainability. Securus has been established since 1975 with affiliation with the accredited American Correctional Association. Their preferred network offers more features an services than other big name inmate calling providers. Their CEO. Rick Pickens, had over 16 years experience through his combined effort, education and experience. They’re also one of the first to put the needs of their valued clients as a top priority.


Recent Securus Technologies Recent News


Securus Technologies has been able to offer their customers innovative technology that has been able to save time services example, their food packaging services available at select facilities allows customers to send care packages to inmates containing food, appliances, and electronics. Their customers have played a key role in their customer design model. Their feedback forum has been a popular network for their customers to leave their comments and suggestions about Securus products and services. If you would like to report a crime confidentially, there is also a tab for that feature available.


Securus Technologies Features:


Get the benefits of features that includes prepaid services with live customer support features. Their customers never fret over third party authorization or a lengthy connection process. Their remote visitation feature is one of their most popular features at Securus because it eliminates commuting to a jail with the need of those uncomfortable, but necessary searches and visit securely online. Securus Technologies delivers a reliable network their customers can depend on with exceptional customer support options. You can also send up to 5 facility approved photos, buy virtual postage stamps, and inmate email options.


Securus Technologies Wireless Containment Model


Their wireless containment model is designed to stir the use of illegal cellphones in a correctional facility. Law enforcement personnel will still have access to their mobile signal depending on the specifications brought forth by your specific institution. Pickens says, a large number of crimes start from the telecommunications network and must be monitored. Their wireless containment technology is being used at select facilities before, it’s set to launch in a few months. The wireless containment technology will also give law enforcement an opportunity to focus on more important daily operations of running a correctional facility. They will operate this feature remotely and never have to add additional manpower to a facility for assistance.


Go directly to the easy to use and navigate website and get help with your new or existing account. Join the Securus family today and save on your inmate calling at an amazing price.


Organo Gold Popular with Consumers

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world today. On an annual basis, more than a billion people across the globe have some form of coffee and tea. Overall, coffee is by far the second most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. While there are coffee shops all over the world and many different producers today, one of the most unique coffee companies in the world today continues to be the Organo Gold Company. Follow Organo Gold on

The Organo Gold Company is a very popular coffee company that is well known for producing a great product but also using a unique marketing strategy to sell the product and improve its brand. The Organo Gold Company was founded in 2008 by Bernard Chua. The company today does not operate or sell its products through a retail store or any coffeehouses. Instead, the company hires individual distributors that establish their own networks to sell the product. Those that are able to sell the produce succesffully will end up keeping up to a 50% commission on all sales. This helps to promote the sales and encourage more people to sell.

One of the main reasons why Organo Gold Company is so successful is that they have a very unique product. The product that the Organo Gold sells uses a mushroom that is called the ganoderma herb. This herb is known to have many different great health benefits including the reduction of cholesterol. This has helped to make the coffee incredibly popular as it also advertised as a great health product.


Another reason what the Organo Gold Company is continuing to grow in popularity is that it has many different options of coffee to choose from. On top of the standard coffee beans and mix, the company also has a variety of teas, supplements, hot chocolate, and many other products, all of which use the ganoderma mushroom to improve its overall health factor.

While the company is still in its growth mode, the company is continuing to do very well when it comes to financials. The company has made an estimated $35 million per year for the past few years and some of the top sales people in the company make well over $350,000 per year. The company will likely continue to do well in the future when they look to expand into other countries and global markets across the world. Read the reviews at

Sussex Healthcare: A Haven Of Health

Sussex health care is a number group of care homes which are mainly based in Sussex. They mostly deal with caring for the old people including those who have Alzheimer’s disease or even dementia. Sussex health care achieved its healthcare accreditation the Health Quality Service in 2002.In 2003 the group gained investors in the People Standard. Sussex healthcare achieved the International Standard certification ISO 9000:2000 in June 2015. This made it the only independent caregiving organization is the United Kingdom.

Sussex Healthcare is more than a home for the aged. Its main objective is to give great health to the patients who live there. They have also put key emphasis on socialization and also other recreational facilities. Each home is known to provide an extensive programme of activities that are known to motivate the people who come to the homes. The healthcare encourages participation from all the member is the home to have a sense of inclusiveness. The Sussex Healthcare is managed by a first class team of management.

Recently the organization has appointed a new CEO. Amanda Morgan-Taylor became the CEO in February 2018. She is a Mental Health Nurse by profession and has a lot of experience in the public and the social care sector.

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What are the Services Offered by Sussex Healthcare?

The Healthcare is known to run 20 living and also care centers for the ages. It also has departments that take care of the people who have neurological disorders. It also makes a keen interest in people who have dementia and even those who have difficulties in learning and those who have physical disabilities too.

They also have part of the recreational centers in their compound that make sure the residents enjoy a great sense of wellbeing. This is the reason why the centers put emphasize on the recreational facilities and the social gathering because it is very important for the health of the residents. The Sussex Healthcare has nurses who are tasked with giving each resides in the centers the much-needed attention. The center also offers 24 hours of service. The Sussex Healthcare also has a healthcare gym whose purpose is treating people who have cognitive disabilities.

Where are the Sussex Healthcare Clinics Located?

The following are the locations where you can find Sussex healthcare clinics.

Coastal West Sussex
Mid Sussex
Eastbourne Hailsham
High Weald

Visit for more details about Sussex Healthcare.

How Inflation Negatively Impacts Americans

Inflation decreases your purchasing power


“During times of soaring inflation, your living standard decreases along with your corresponding buying strength,” explains Bankrate, particularly in the case your salary doesn’t grow (or does so at a crawling pace) than normal inflation.



Consider for a moment a couple things we take for granted in recent times: vehicles and tuition. A four-year school in 1975 was only $2,387 and now it’s over $9,000 a year. In 1976 a typical mid-size vehicle was around $3.700. Now, the least fancy cars will run you about a little over $17,000. typically, this encourages people to spend less.


Inflation is normally a horrific issue for the ordinary individual’s pockets.

Widespread, high inflation reduces shopping power and weakens the worth of cash. What is inflation? Inflation is the rate of growth in expenses for goods and services in a financial system over a time frame. department of labor, Bureau of statistics.


Inflation means people can expect to dish out extra cash for basically the same things. Inflation means having less cash left over. Greater food, fuel, and utility prices mean less cash as soon as essentials are paid for, allowing little for savings or other spending. To counterbalance the upward push in costs, you can discover yourself purchasing less, changing to more affordable substitutes, or traveling farther to locate deals.


Inflation makes retirement complicated


Inflation does more than just corrode your buying power. It’s also a benchmark the national government utilizes to define contribution boundaries to qualified retirement plans or increase Social Security. If the past is any sign of the future, you may find yourself to be paying extra in retirement to preserve the equal standard of living that you have now.


What is the U.S. Money Reserve?

As one of the country’s biggest dispensers of U.S. government-issued coins, U.S. Money Reserve aims to provide the best service, as well as the most excellent gold coins available on the market.


Over the years, many people have trusted U.S. Money Reserve to help pick the best quality and most suitable valuable metals for their portfolios. Many of those people have even profited because of their smart investment.


The U.S. Money Reserve takes pride in being the most trustworthy professionals in the industry. They have helped countless amounts of people make choices about platinum, silver, and gold over the years. They’ve done this by earning customer’s trust, and then their business. Thanks to the team of specialists and the relationships they develop with their customers, U.S. Money Reserve has successfully helped over 400,000 people to date.


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James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Honored as One of the Best Places to Work

Highland Capital Management (HCM) has again been proclaimed as a great place to work. This is the second time that the Dallas-based company has been honored with the Best Places to Work in Money Management award by the financial newspaper Pensions & Investments (P&I). The specific category for which the award was given covers businesses of this type that have at least 100 and fewer than 500 employees. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

The recognition program that served as the basis for the award was conducted by P&I and Best Companies Group, a research organization. Approximately one-quarter of the review pertained to the operations of the company itself, including policies and business philosophy. The rest was comprised of a survey of employees, who were asked to evaluate the firm from their point of view. Employees expressed particular satisfaction with the company’s health insurance program, its daily meal service and the frequent events conducted for them. According to P&I editor Amy Resnick, the survey showed how important it is for a company to value its employees. James Dondero, the president of HCM, emphasized that the many benefits provided by his firm are designed to cut down on distractions and help employees concentrate on their work. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Established in 1993, HCM is a global firm that deals in alternative investments. Its wide variety of investment categories includes hedge funds, distressed equity accounts and mutual funds. In conjunction with its related companies, HCM currently operates an investment portfolio of some $14 billion. Besides its headquarters in Texas, the company has offices in New York City and, extending outside of the United States, in Argentina, South Korea and Singapore.

Having graduated with honors from the University of Virginia, James Dondero began his career in the financial field as an analyst for the investment bank J.P. Morgan. He would later help create the firm GIC, eventually turning this affiliate of the Protective Life Corporation into a $2 billion company. Working with business associate Mark Okada, he established HCM in 1993.

In addition his business successes, James Dondero is known for his philanthropic activities, lending financial support to the causes of education, public policy and veterans affairs.