Richard Blair Helps Investors See a Different Way to Invest

Residents that stay in the state of Texas have access to one of the most reliable sources when it comes to planning their financial future. Richard Blair is the person that has become known for helping clients get the very best returns on investments when they decide to build a portfolio.Learn more :


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has proven that he is a leader in financial counseling, and he has the certifications to prove it. Richard Blair has a CFP certification and he has been practicing for more than 25 years. He has a degree in finance from the University of Houston, and he has proven that he knows what it takes to construct a portfolio that can withstand the test of time.


It is very valuable to have someone like Richard Blair in your corner because he is the type of person that can help anyone see a better way to invest. Even if DIY investors may think that they know all that it takes to save for retirement they may be surprised by the additional solutions that Richard Blair presents.Learn more :


Richard has become someone that has managed to see the world in a much different way. He knows that there are times where the market is going to be sluggish, but investors cannot pull out during these times. If they are saving for retirement they have to find a way to move their money around and guard their Investments. Richard Blair is the type of financial advisor that is able to provide clients with methods for removing their phones from one area and reallocating to other safer investments during these time periods.Learn more :


He has become well-known in the financial industry as a leader that has been able to train a lot of other financial consultants as well. He has proven that the investment services that he offers very valuable to anyone that may be looking for asset protection or wealth preservation.


There are some clients that already have money but they may not know what they are going to do with it. Anyone who is just sitting on money that is not gaining any type of return on investment is unwittingly losing money. Richard Blair is the person that can help those that want to earn more on the money that they have. He gives confidence to the investors that may have been uncertain about their long-term investment choices.



Knowing Investment Guru Better

Timothy Armour is the CEO of the Capital Group Companies, Principal Executive Officer and Chairman of Capital Research. He is the brilliant brain behind the investments. He has a vast knowledge of more than 30 years in the investment industry.

Warren Buffet believes that he is capable of achieving better investment returns than what a group of fund managers can achieve by; investing in the index fund. However, Tim echoed it as wrong stating that the volatility risks are uncertain and the costs of passive index investments are unknown.


Timothy D. Armour has served diligently in various capacities, for the period of 34 years of his experience in investment. His career started way back in 1983, at Capital Group. In the year 2015 on July 28th, he was appointed the Chairman of the Firm succeeding James Rothenberg, after his death. In 1991, he got appointed as the Fund Advisor of Capital World Global Investors. He later served at the American Mutual Fund Inc. as the Senior Vice President, from 1993. He also served at a capacity of Fund Manager at Global Discovery Fund, founded in 1939. The company location is Toronto, and it is a subsidiary of the Bank of Nova Scotia. Timothy Armour holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Middlebury College.

Samsung Asset Management Partnership

Capital Group and Samsung Assets management displayed the willingness to partner with the aim of helping the Korean to familiarize with Capital Style. Tim saw the partnership as the best way to help the residents to develop.

Tim Armour is industrious, and with his brilliant brains and experience as an investor, has made him get appointed to serve in various senior capacities. Timothy Armour passion for his job keeps him ahead of others.