Felipe Montoro Jens: The Infrastructure Specialist

Felipe Montoro Jens is from Sao Paulo Brazil. His background began, with his infrastructure expertise, economic waste solutions, and environmental aide for Brazil. He studied business at Getulio Vargas, a popular business school in Brazil. Felipe’s education continued at Arizona State University, Thunderbird school. Since then, he has worked for many global companies, determined to produce economic development for Brazil.

He is a prominent businessman, leading in international communities for twenty-five years. He has experience with working in global markets; including the United States, United Kingdom, and Portugal. His perseverance, education, and business knowledge prepared him to pursue international marketing in oil, energy, and real estate. As his wealth grew, he began to partner with agencies, while helping to bring clean and safe waste removal from areas of Brazil. This provided the improvement of life across regions, while also saving cost and generating jobs for residents. Visit consultasocio.com to learn more

Felipe Montoro Jens is also a Chief Executive officer, and S.A. Chairman, and an infrastructure specialist. He also serves as president of investments of S.A.’s Finance and Senior Officer. He is known for being involved in leading financial assistance for the companies that he has been involved with. Despite his business and financial career, his main speciality remains as an infrastructure technician. He is equipped for finding solutions for economic waste and helping state officials become profitable. Recently, financial facilities in Brazil will be changing methods for some of the infrastructure building. One of the banks that this will affect is the Bank for Economic and Social Development, in Brazil, this is referred to as BNDES. Felipe Montoro Jens explains that there will be options and business quotas to meet. Generally, there are many infrastructure projects in Brazil, which need many improvements. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is linked to supporting these improvements for Brazil, while contributing advice within the infrastructure financing.

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