Fabletics Personalizing Shopping Experience for its Customers Like No Other

There are many athleisure companies out there that have been trying to grab a portion of this multi-million dollar growing category. The sale of athleisure and fitness wear has been increasing at a rapid pace in the last few years, and it is primarily due to the increased awareness among the consumers about the health, fitness, and active lifestyle. One of the companies that have made a name for itself in the fashion industry since it was established in the year 2013 is Fabletics. It is a subsidiary of Techstyle Fashion Group, earlier known as JustFab. The growth of Fabletics was so aggressive that even bigger e-commerce retail brands like Amazon felt the impact.


Fabletics follows the membership model, which means that the customers who are a patron of the company’s products can become its VIP members for a small monthly fee. The company would send three items of the customers’ choice to the customers’ homes each month for the monthly membership they pay. The customers would have to select from the product range showcased in the mail that the company sends out to each of its customers. The range of products displayed in the e-mail is based on the personal preferences of the customers. Women are known to be very choosy about what they want and like, and can often be confused with endless choices. The method of shopping offered by Fabletics is very convenient as well as time-saving. As a VIP member, the customers are also entitled to huge discounts.


Kate Hudson who apart from being the brand ambassador is also the co-owner of the brand has been involved in all its operational strategy-making. She has contributed immensely to the designing process, which has helped the products of Fabletics get a unique signature design that is loved by the customers. Kate Hudson didn’t like the fact that there weren’t many companies that offered affordable athleisure wear for women before Fabletics came into being. It is this gap that Kate Hudson hopes to fill through Fabletics. The company’s turnover has jumped to over $250 million in just four years, which is a huge leap in a business that is already saturated with hugely successful brands.


Fabletics has also been able to dominate the athleisure niche due to its data-driven approach, which helps the management decide what should be the strategy going forward. Customers who are new to Fabletics must take the Lifestyle Quiz at its site to know how the company masters the art of personalizing the shopping experience for its customers.

Fabletics: Harnessing the Power of the Crowds Potential

Online reviews are important for businesses, because it could spell their success or demise. In our world today, people who are making purchases would sometimes leave a comment about the product they bought or the company who made it. Normally, people who are upset with the products they bought are the ones who are posting reviews, and it is bad for the company if more negative reviews accumulated. They would have to watch out their online reputation, because too much negative reviews would draw the customers away. What businesses have to do is to encourage their customers to leave a positive remark about their products so that positive reviews would outweigh the negative ones. This strategy is called the “power of the crowd”, which means building a positive online reputation through the help of individuals who trust the product.


Fabletics is one of those companies who are currently using the strategy for their advantage. The online retail company grew from being a startup when they were founded in 2013 to a multi-million dollar business. The company claims that it was the power of the crowd which helped them catapult to success. In the beginning, Fabletics ignored what the customers are saying about their products or the company as a whole. To check their current online reputation condition, what the Fabletics management does is that they are searching for their brand online, and they are being taken to third party review websites. They noticed that their customers are leaving positive reviews about their products, so they began conducting a research on how these reviews will affect their business. After the study concluded, they found out that online are leaving potential new customers with the impression of how good or bad a company is, and it will greatly affect a company’s performance. If the business has too many positive reviews, it should expect more customers to support their product; however, if the business garnered so much negative reviews, people will stay away from them. Fabletics also found out that online, people trust what strangers say, and they are considering the testaments from other people as an advice given by a close family member or a friend. This is the reason why it is very important to monitor the reviews being given by all of the customers, and immediate action is needed for negative reviews which can affect the business.


The results of the study prompted Fabletics to add a review option on their website, so that their customers can air out how their transaction went. They are encouraging their customers to write anything that they wanted, be it positive or negative. The current review for Fabletics online is positive, and the management expressed their gratitude towards their customers who keep on supporting them. According to Fabletics, the addition of a review option on their website and the positive reviews that they are getting online helped the company to grow exponentially. They are also expecting that more people will become Fabletics members in the future because of their exposure online.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has succeeded in fashion, having grown a business of over $250 million in three years, while competing with big businesses like Amazon, which control 20% of the fashion market. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics main reason for success is the use of the subscription strategy to sell clothes to its customers.

The value of the brands have in the past been defined by the quality and price of the products or services, but a recent shift in the economics declare that the combination no longer guarantees value. However, features like the customer experience, last-mile service, exclusive design, gamification elements, and brand recognition have become the most important determiners of the high-value commodities. Fabletics use these features to offer their customers quality products at a cheaper price.

Fabletic’s strategy of likening and positioning themselves to Warby Parker and Apple is rewarding for the fashion membership brand. That is because the strategy is enabling opening of more physical stores, in addition to the sixteen that already exist in states like Florida, Hawaii, California, and Illinois.

According to the general manager of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, their secret to success is building modern and reimagined products that define the high-value brand. The membership model also enables them to offer personalized service and the current trending fashion at almost half the price of their competitors. Since, it is easy to meet the needs of your customers and satisfy them fully when you know what they want and who they are. That enables them to offer a wide range of styles from which their customers can choose from.

Unlike their counterparts who are using showrooming, where customers browse offline and later purchase products elsewhere at cheaper prices, Fabletics have reversed the situation because of the extraordinary way they started out. They have made browsing positive with their current measure which enhances them to build relationships, become reliable, and to increase their knowledge of the local market through their events and other activities. Hence, between thirty to fifty percent of the people who walk in their stores are already members and about a quarter of the non-members who walk in the store become members. When a client is shopping, and he or she tries a cloth, the cloth is automatically added to their online shopping cart.

To reduce destroying the customer’s brand journey, Fabletics show the right content both physically and digitally. With the help of local online data concerning the customer’s preferences, physical stores stock items that are appealing to the customers and that are likely to be considered as both tastes and trends changers. Stocking of the stores is based on the numerous inputs like the real-time sales activity, membership preferences for local members, store heat-mapping data, and social media sentiment. Brands are built by combining user preferences with global fashion trends to achieve satisfaction. They also add new fashion ranges and conduct subtle tests.

Fabletics are among the growing brands who understand their consumers. That is achieved by adopting the new type of showrooming and investing in physical retail experience, hence giving their customers an excellent experience both offline and online.