Brian Torchin’s Insights on Service Provision in the Healthcare Industry

Brian Torchin, a managing partner at Healthcare Staffing Solutions, is a highly respected medical professor with a vast knowledge in the healthcare system. He is also an author and entrepreneur who works around the globe as an active blogger who uses social media to promote his business and gain credibility in his ventures. His social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter depict an individual who takes his work with zeal. He posts content that shows the state of the medical field, challenges faced by healthcare providers, and opportunities that exist in the field. He provides solutions that exist in the industry, and his journals are often published in news platforms such as CNN and Digital Journal. Read more about Brian Torchin at Behance

Brian Torchin’s Career

Currently, Brian serves as a CEO at his healthcare staffing and consultancy agency. His company offers career consultancy services for job seekers in the health sector. He provides solutions to job seekers through useful insights for the newbies in the sector. The Philadelphian based HCRC staffing company is a thriving organization that recruits and acts as a consultancy firm for medical professionals. The organization’s ultimate goal is to assign healthcare providers within the job market with clients and the job market through, which is a hiring site.

Brian Torchin’s dedication to his clients

Brian Torchin has been working around the globe with clients from U.S, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. He says that hospitals should be able to integrate their services with the ability to meet the demands of the clients. This involves ensuring that the costs of the services offered are pocket-friendly and cut across various economic backgrounds. He swears by knowing the changing trends in the health sector, as this helps companies grow with the shifting customer needs. His goal as a medic is to provide effective and timely service to the clients.

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Hotelier Guilherme Paulus Credits His Success To Gratitude And Enthusiasm

Since it first opened in 1995, the chain of GJP Hotels and Resorts has welcomed more than 95,000 people in cities throughout Brazil. The brand is named for its founder, Guilherme Paulus, one of Brazil’s most influential entrepreneurs. In addition, Guilherme Paulus runs the tour company CVC Brasil Operadora, also operating throughout Brazil.

Employing in excess of 5,000 people, GJP Hotels and Resorts operates more than 20 hotel and resort properties in cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. CVC pioneered domestic tourism throughout Brazil, yet also features charter flights with international flights throughout South America and France.

In an interview with Inspirery, Paulus shares how an attitude of gratitude and his enthusiasm for technological advances help make him successful. Additionally, although he is an executive, he strives to never lose touch with the day-to-day operations, frontline workers, and guests of his businesses.

Guilherme Paulus revealed the idea for the CVC travel agency did not come from him, but from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Paulus met Cerchiari, a state deputy at the time, on a boating trip. The two struck upon the idea for the partnership as Cerchiari wanted to open an agency in his hometown of Santo André. Cerchiari invested the financing while Paulus provided operations management. After four years, Cerchiari exited the partnership leaving the company with Paulus.

Throughout the interview, Guilherme Paulus extols the importance of having love and passion for one’s profession. He explains how he interacts with his hotel employees and guests on a regular basis because he enjoys the traveling aspect of position. Paulus states that he values the input and often uses what he learns to improve working conditions and guest experience.

CVC is the largest tour operator in the country, transporting more than 6 million tourist in 2017. However, Paulus plans to expand his agency into stores in smaller cities, and by 2020 he expects to operate agency offices in 2,000 stores.

Guilherme Paulus’s words of advice are ask questions and listen more, especially to elders, and that investing money is the wisest way to spend it.

Why OSI Group Continues To Record Impressive Growth

OSI Group is one of the top food providers in the world. This has allowed the company to partner with the globe’s leading food companies and retail food stores 5to offer concept-to-table solutions that excite clients across the globe. Being one of the biggest privately managed organizations in the US, the company offers unmatched resources and reach.

With the vast capabilities of OSI Industries such as the development of custom food product and international food supply chain management, the company can deliver custom food items that suit many business operations. With more than 65 facilities and 20000 workers in 17 nations who are devoted to producing high-quality products, the company can boost the global presence of other business.

The company has embarked on standardizing its production to ensure safety and quality of their products, and this has helped them to expand globally. OSI Industries uses the latest technology in their manufacturing facilities. For instance, the company uses both X-ray and metal detectors that help in detecting any foreign objects that need to be removed during the production phase. This level of commitment to quality has helped the company to uphold its position in the global market.

The rate at which OSI Industries is growing is impressive. Not all business can maintain to be market leaders for decades, irrespective of the economic turmoil of the previous years. OSI has managed to stay on top with the help of careful product development and defined marketing. COO of OSI, David McDonald attributes this success to the engagement of local consumer base. This is essential for a food production company with connections all over the world. Since flavors tend to be culturally dependent, the manufacturing process must be responsive to specific tastes. When venturing into a new market, OSI Industries invests hugely into understand the needs and wants of the local market so that they can meet the requirements.

Some of the things to consider when it comes to local food productions how the ingredients are collected and the price range. For instance, some markets might value organic foods while other markets will value a lower price. The bottom line is to balance the requirements and produce the right food for a specific market.

Hussain Sajwani CEO and Owner of DAMAC

When the desire to have boundless development meets cutting-édge business acumen, gréat tips are given birth to. Hussain Sajwani, a UAE serial business owner with vast intérests in property and wedding caterers sectors is certainly living evidence that one may obtain their wildest dreams supplied they stay steadfast in pressing just for improvement.

Eventually, the business started getting majór clients such as for example Bechtel (a US construction organization ) and the united states army. Thát’s just how GIobal Strategies Solutions, Hussain’s first main venture, got shapé. The business is frequently contracted to provide meals to the united states aids in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bosnia, Saudi Persia, and Qatar. Further, the company offers diversified intó developing little hotels with branches around Middles East ánd The African continent; serving ovér 150, 500 foods daily.

However, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner and Ceo (ás we realize him today) didn’t stop thére. Using the arises from his initial business, he steadily started purchasing property simply by acquiring property in undeveloped neighborhoods. This is a rather ódd move because the areas do not appear attractive enough fór owning a home in those days.

Hussain Sajwani CEO and the owner started his profession in 1981 in the financing division in Abu Dhabi Gas Sectors. Two years later on, he started a providing enterprise, with clients like the Circumstance. S. armed service and Bechtel. The go continues to be functional and is currently called Global Logistics Solutions.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC Properties and became Ceo and owner among the largest house development businesses in MiddIe East. The business is rolling out about 19,500 flats since its incéption and provides over forty-four, 000 products under numerous stagés of advancement. In 2015, the business got publicly- shown with shares exchanged on the Dubai Financial Marketplace.

A few of the well-known projécts produced by DAMAC Properties incorporate a course created by PADRAIG HARRINGTON and managed by Trump Business, luxury flats with intériors by Italian language fashión-houses Versace ánd Fendi, extravagance homes styled simply by Bugatti, and Paramount Resorts and Resorts together with Very important Pictures.

Sajwani spent £600 mil in London, UK, through the Versace-branded Aykon London 1 tower in Niné Elms. Sajwani was listed amongst the 100 most internationally influential Arabs by Gulf of Mexico Business in 2017.

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How Madison Street Capital Helps Businesses Grow

The internationally renowned investment firm, Madison Street Capital recently assisted MonDak Portables LLC with financial strategies that helped them acquire $3.2 million funds in the form of debt from North Avenue Capital. MonDak is a major toilet manufacturer and a servicing firm and has been selling and renting a huge number of its products since its inception in 2008. The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway publicly announced the details of the deal in September 2018. Senior Manager Jay Rodgers said that the North Dakota firm had valid strategies and vision to support their demand for the capital. MonDak is believed to have an experienced leadership meant that would ensure their constant growth.



Madison Street Capital reputation is based on four pillars that ensured their success in the investment banking industry. Strong leadership, integrity, high standards of excellence and top-quality customer service have made them a market leader in this space. They specialize in mergers & acquisition transactions, high-quality financial advisory, accurate valuation of both public and private businesses and even financial suggestions. All of these services make sure that the clients of Madison Street Capital are positioned in the perfect way to be launched towards their success in their respective markets.



Before the investment banking firm takes up any project, they conduct a detailed analysis of the goals and objectives of the potential client and attempts to deeply understand the requirements as if it was their own problem. An excellent team of financial advisors and M&A experts ensure smooth acquisition of capital for clients who have a solid foundation and excellent long-term potential. The firm focuses the assets on booming markets that positively affect the consistent growth of their clients. The firm has always maintained high standards of excellence at all times with its flawless and uninterrupted customer service which has earned the loyalty of its clients resulting in long-term relationships with major companies around the globe.



Madison Street Capital also believes in creating solid businesses in diverse communities across the US. With utmost devotion and dedication to clients and substantial philanthropy to numerous organizations, the investment bank is set to make a huge difference in every community possible.

One of the organizations who received philanthropic support from Madison Street Capital goes by the name of United Way based in Virginia, US. The organization manages a nationwide network and with the help of trusted partners strive to improve the lives of different communities that require equal opportunities and better standards of living like the rest. By partnering up with businesses, schools, faith communities, and financial firms, United Way strives to bring a substantial change in the communities and also eradicating the current issues within them.



Every employee of Madison Street Capital is a trained professional with prior experience and sound technical knowledge in their respective domains. The firm is very capable of arranging funds required for the growth of its clients.


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Anti-Aging Therapy With Renew Youth Could Be Your Ticket To Better Health

Nobody wants to be defined by how old they are, but as years go by they will go through mental, emotional, and physical changes. Some people can go well into their 60’s before they start noticing these changes while others are affected in their 30’s. Fortunately, Renew Youth can help reduce the symptoms of aging no matter how many years you might be. The first step to a younger feeling you is simply asking for help from one of their board-certified doctors.

There are many different treatment options that patients of Renew Youth can receive that are all tailored to their specific symptoms and needs. It’s important to remember that issues related to aging are not just something that women experience. Men go through something called andropause that is a male version of menopause and is signified by the decline of testosterone. While it may be talked about less, it’s something that can deeply impact men as they age.

Some of the symptoms of andropause that Renew Youth can treat include depression, mood swings, weight gain, and low sex drive among many others. The doctors at Renew Youth can treat these issues with testosterone that can be injected by the patients themselves so they don’t have to go into the office for each one. There are also a host of other treatments that can help normalize the balance of hormones in the male body as aging progresses.

There are many other issues that impact both men and women due to aging and Renew Youth has options for many of them that include therapy for hair loss, adrenal fatigue, and sexual dysfunction. Just because you are aging doesn’t mean that you should feel uncomfortable in your own body and the board-certified doctors will let you know all of your options that can address the symptoms.

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The natural way of healing mission is to primarily help people reclaim their vibrant best health.

The company believes that help doesn’t come from an external source but from within the human body. Dherbs make a statement stating that they cannot heal any disease or cure any person. The company believes that the human body can heal itself from any disease with the right guidance & the right tools. Their goal is to help people return to nature and to take responsibility for their own health.

One of the popular products that they offer has a 5-star rating with 2979 reviews. The name of this product is called full body cleanse. It’s a 20-day all-natural program to cleanse rejuvenate and energize the body. It stated that it helps the body in releasing excess wait up to 10 to 30 lb based on the person. This product helps with following; support of the immune system, helps maintain a healthy skin complexion, helps you to increase your energy level, it promotes a more positive outlook on life, it helps clear the mind and helps reduce sugar and junk food cravings. And last but not least, it helps maintain a healthy libido in circulation. Read more about Dherbs at Crunchbase

Some of the customer’s reviews for example states they completed the 20-day detox cleanse and was amazed at how much energy and calmness came with the experience. Also how eating fresh fruit and vegetables totally purified her body. Another satisfied customer stated this product helped reduce his blood pressure by eating healthy. Furthermore; he was overweight and lost 60 lb.

Dherbs has a product for every condition from A-Z. Such as; Acid Reflux, Alzheimer’s disease, Bad breath, Baldness Carpal tunnel syndrome, Epilepsy, Pink eye, and the list goes on and on.

The primary goal for Dherbs is for people to live on this Earth an experience natural healing.



New Ronald Reagan Coin Made by US Money Reserve

Precious metals have become a very popular investment option for many people all over the world. One of the most popular precious metals is coins. Many coins that are made out of precious metals commemorate and honor leading political and social figures.

The company US Money Reserve is one of the leading distributors of such coins. Recently, US Reserve launched its newest product. This new product will be a commemorative coin of former president of the United States, Ronald Reagan. The coin is now available for consumers to purchase. However, it is quite scarce and the company’s current customers will have the best chance to get one of the coins.

With the Ronald Reagan coin, US Money Reserve will have yet another item to add to its vast selection of high quality precious metals products. In terms of a physical description, the new Ronald Reagan coin is made out of platinum metal as well as having a portrait of the former president. It also has a very colorful look as it contains colors such as silver and gold. Anyone looking to get a high quality commemorative coin of a notable political figure will benefit by getting the new Ronald Regan coin from US Money Reserve. Read more: US Money Reserve | Biz Journals

While this coin is quite valuable and appealing to investors, it is also one in low supply. US Money Reserve has only produced 750 coins as of now. This is the lowest output of coin production in the company’s history. It is also well short of the 2,000 that it is authorized to produce.

However, the coin is quite beneficial for anyone looking to add to their precious metals collection. The coin itself is recognized as official legal tender by the United States government. Therefore, is a legitimate currency and investment for customers who purchase the coin.

US Reserve is the leading distributor of precious metals in the United States and the rest of the world. It was founded in the state of Texas in the year 2001. For nearly two decades, the company has established itself as a reputable retailer of various precious metals products.

Consumers and investors who are looking to purchase products from this company will have plenty of options to choose from. They can get coins and bars that are made out of metals such as gold and silver. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Along with offering precious metals products, US Money Reserve also offers information that customers can use to get the most out of their investment in precious metals products.

SoftBank Acquires Fortress Investment Group

Two decades ago, Fortress Investment Group was founded to diversify the investment industry. The company had a tremendous growth rate that by the time it went public its assets totaled to $32.6 billion. The firm went public in 2007, and it hit the highest ranking of private equity firms going public on the New York stock exchange market. Fortress Investment Group is well known for producing excellent portfolios and the know-how in staging mergers and making resource acquisitions. The organization deals in real estate, private equity, and hedge funds. Visit

 About SoftBank

SoftBank Group founded by Masayoshi Son constitutes of SoftBank Group, SoftBank Vision Fund, Arm Holdings, Boston Dynamics and the latest acquisition Fortress Investment Group. The business mogul is leading a $100 billion to enable his company to be at the lead of technological evolutions. Masayoshi Son envisioned being listed among the world’s best asset financers is unfolding with the purchase Investment Company.

At a price of $3.3 billion, SoftBank became the proud owners of the renowned investment company in a bid to establish a global leading private equity firm. Fortress Investment Group manages assets totaling about $70 billion. The arrangement made SoftBank to be ranked among the leading asset finance companies worldwide. After this transaction, Softbank Group acquired control of Fortress’ stakes. Each Class A shareholder from Fortress was entitled to be compensated with $8.08 for each share and the profits from the transaction to be shared as per Fortress’ Definitive Proxy. With this, Fortress stopped trading on the New York stock exchange market.

Fortress under New Ownership

Fortress Group still gets to run as a sovereign venture with the head office situated in New York although it will be covered under Softbank’s umbrella. The new owner was insistent on retaining the leadership status quo of Fortress Investment Group and, thus, the heads maintained their leadership positions.

The deal could lead to SoftBank finance using cash instead of debt. SoftBank aims to multiply Fortress’ resources soon by using Masayoshi Son’s clientele with plans of selling Fortress’ general partner off to some people in Mr. Son’s network are underway.Read more on


How to Use EOS Summer Fruit to Fix Your Chapped Lips?

Chapped lips are excruciating when you are dealing with constant elemental factors making them worse no matter what you do. The EOS lip balms are one treatment options that you should use to help improve the state of your chapped lips problem. The EOS Summer Fruit lip balm is one of the best options to use if you want a mish mash up of summer scent and hydrating lip conditioning treatment.

The Summer Fruit EOS lip balm contains scents of blueberry, strawberry, and peach. The lip balm is infused with those scents and with perfectly hydrating lip ingredients. The product is full of antioxidants, natural ingredients, organic ingredients, and is dermatologist tested to ensure that it meets skin care standards.

To make the Summer Fruit lip balm help your chapped lips the most, you should start up a regular lip care routine. Exfoliate your lips to start the routine. Follow up the exfoliation with gently applying the Summer Fruit EOS lip balm. Continue exfoliating every night to ensure that you are turning over the old cells faster and encouraging new skin cell growth in your lips. Once your lips start healing up more, you can stop exfoliating so often. Carry around the Summer Fruit lip balm everywhere that you go to apply the lip balm on your lips so you can maintain hydration. The pod shape of the lip balm is easy to carry around, so it should be manageable to bring it with you. Shop for the Summer Fruit EOS wherever the EOS brand is sold.