What You Should Know About DAMAC’s Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a UAE National, and he is the Chairman and founder of DAMAC Properties, a property development company. After graduating from Washington University, he began pursuing his career dream as a contact manager at GASCO, a national oil company. In 1992, he developed his own catering venture. The venture has grown over the years to be a market leader and at the same time managing over 200 projects in Dubai. DAMAC largely deals with the development of luxury real estates.

The first business that Hussain Sajwani and his companies deal with is the provision of hospitality services. In addition to army camps, five-star hotels, educational institutions, construction campsites, and offshore/onshore location, the catering division provides ancillary services such as manpower supply, camp management, and maintenance. Hussain Sajwani’s company known as DAMAC Properties is a property development company, and it has specialized in luxury properties.

Apart from catering and real estate development, DAMAC group also deals with mergers and acquisitions, private equities, and holdings in various public traded companies. These companies are located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Beirut, London, Muscat Amman, Jeddah, and Riyadh. Also, the company has partnered with the famous lifestyle and fashion companies to bring in exciting and new living concepts to the properties market

In 2013, Hussain Sajwani partnered with Donald Trump to establish two golf course that are Trump-branded in Dubai developments. The Trump Organization is managing the golf course. Hussein Sajwani hopes to improve his business relationship with the Trump organization although Trump promised him that he will not make any more business deals while in office.

Hussain Sajwani likes helping people, and this is evidenced through his support for the Philanthropic Funds for Children. In an article from CNBC, it says that he and his companies have supported the effort of Dubai’s government to makes the lives of all people in the world better. The major aim of the campaign is to provide clothing to more than one million children. Sajwani’s and his companies have promised to provide up to 50,000 children with clothing. This will improve the image of Hussain Sajwani and his companies.

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GoBuyside and its Importance

Gobuyside is a twenty-first-century investment management agency that was founded by Arjun Kapur. It works with other organizations, agencies, hedge funds, advisory companies, etc, training and screening and sourcing candidates for the market. Unlike most recruitment agencies, Gobuyside has managed to provide an unparalleled platform for employment providers and employment seekers. It is also considered as a financial community for professionals. It allows users to access confidential information on job reviews and career opportunities arising within the network. In recruitment, Gobuyside sources and vets to find the best talents for their clients.

The organization uses diligence, highly skilled and educated executives, and proprietary technology to be extremely competitive and have deep and consistent relationships with their market. Gobuyside is based in New York and it has over five hundred loyal clients and over ten thousand firms over a broad geographical scope and mandate. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

In simple terms, GoBuyside is a simple recruitment firm that has bettered almost all other agencies by going beyond expectations and providing quality candidates for other financial institutions. Currently, most employers are not confident that they can get what they need from the market and employment seekers are not well equipped with the required skills to back up their papers. GoBuyside fills in the gap by assuring executives that they can deliver and satisfying their clients, job seekers, by getting them the job they need. To do that, the organization has identified major challenges in the market and works around them. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

Arjun Kapur.

Arjun Kapur is the founder and chief executive officer of GoBuyside. He is a graduate of John Hopkins University with a bachelor of arts (BA) economics and a holder of a masters degree in Business Administration from Stanford University. He has worked extensively for and with different and complex contracts all over the United States and abroad. When asked what motivated him to start GoBuyside, Arjun Kapur said it was the clear lack of info transparency in the financial world yet there were abundance and need for it. He also credits his experience in finance. It gave him a better point of view of the other alternatives in the world of investment.
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