Robert Ivy Discuses Professional Societies And Their Benefits

The role of a professional society is not simple but it is integral to finding success in certain specialized fields. For architecture, no professional society does more for their membership than that of the American Institute of Architects which is led by CEO Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy is a decorated and honored member of the architectural field and he has been helping to push the industry forward for the better part of the past 25 years. Ivy is well-known for his work as the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record and he is considered primarily responsible for expanding readership of the publication to a global level. Now, Robert Ivy is helping aspiring architects find their footing with the AIA. Visit Wikipedia

At the American Institute of Architects, members are granted numerous benefits that help to propel their careers forward. At a professional society, which is similar to a union or trade organization but not completely so, members get to be part of a larger group that is uniquely focused on supporting the industry and the people in it. Robert Ivy touts the AIA as one of the larger unified advocacy groups in the entire field of architecture, something that is incredibly important for the field due to the fact that they do not have real lobbying power in the United States government. With that being said, the AIA is far more than just an advocacy group.

Members of the American Institute of Architects will be granted access to all sorts of specialized newsletters, data analytics and networking meetups that can serve to dramatically increase the likelihood of success in their career. These meetings are put together by Ivy and organized around architectural leadership programs. Members of the professional society will be able to work with, connect, and network with the biggest and most important members of the field altogether. While doing this, members of the AIA will also be able to improve their resume with a rock-solid credential that shows just how seriously they are taking their field. Professional societies like the AIA are absolutely integral to prolonged success in the field of architecture.



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