Cruelty-Free Success

Lime Crime is a catchy name for a beauty business, but what is even catchier is their commitment to making vibrant makeup using strictly cruelty-free and vegan products. The company is just 10 years old and was founded by entrepreneurs Doe Deere and Mark Dumbelton. The ability to attract seed money and grow a business now is just a few clicks away. Smaller companies focused on creating a great final product in a holistic way can actually get attention, gather seed money, grow, develop the brand and then, in just one decade in business, be acquired by a capital firm, in this case Tengram Capital Partners.

There are so many more opportunities for great products to find their way to the hands of consumers when a few people, with a great idea, set out to make something happen. The exclusionary nature of business in the United States is anachronistic at best. With flagship products like Unicorn lipsticks, Diamond Crusher lip toppers and Unicorn hair, they developed a cult following years ago.

They have clients all over the world leading to a high-demand situation for their products. Acquisition by a major capital firm means they will likely now have the funds needed to grow in whatever direction they choose. Lime Crime can be found at Ulta Beauty and Bloomingdales as well as being sold online. They recently launched in the U.K. with Cult Beauty and FeelUnique.

The nicest thing about Lime Crime is the magical experience they give to customers joining their universe, whimsical as it is with shoppers being referred to as unicorns! They also make a concerted effort to listen to the feedback of all their “unicorns” and are able to respond with products and changes they want to see. Gathering feedback, creating a cycle and implementing changes based on that feedback can be completed quite quickly thanks to the expeditious nature of the internet. remains the focus on the founders, even through acquisition and growth, and it is why they will likely become a forever brand. A website and the internet have replaced the cumbersome task of trying to get counter space, or shelf space, in a big box store to market your brand. This was, at one time, the only means for survival. Time has marched on and true innovators can deliver consumers to a new, more focused and personalized, cruelty-free product and shopping experience.

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