Dr. Clay Siegall Charts a Course in Targeted Therapies With Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall has found his life’s calling as the founder of Seattle Genetics which is focused on specialized treatments for diseases that have seen little improvement in outcomes for several decades. He’s been at it for 20 years and the growth has been substantial with a long pipeline of over 20 drugs. When it comes to targeted therapies Seattle Genetics is at the forefront as they partner with some of the biggest and most well-known pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer.

Two driving factors have motivated Dr. Siegall and they are the use of technology to better life and the hopeless feeling of watching a loved one struggle with conventional cancer treatments. He was compelled to help find a better way when this person nearly died from the treatment protocol as opposed to cancer itself. He was unimpressed with other procedures as well such as radical types of surgery or amputations.

Another inspiration was the greater latitude that he would experience as the head of his own company. He felt constrained even as a Senior Researcher working for Bristol and knew that the greatest opportunity was an endeavor that he could lead. Additionally, the millions of dollars of revenue that his work produced didn’t improve his own bottom line. A chance to make life better for people and more fully enjoy the fruits of his labor provided a powerful incentive.

One drug, in particular, has achieved a singular success and that is ADCetris. This drug was the first of its type approved by the FDA and it can be used for three indications. Seattle Genetics is prosperous today because of this winning product which helps offset the substantial risk involved with those that don’t get approved.

Dr. Clay Siegall also spotlights the talented sales staff that help drive their results. They are biotech experts and with the unique products that Seattle Genetics produces have seen great success.

The educational credentials of Dr. Clay Siegall were obtained at The University of Maryland where he received a B.S. in Zoology. His next step was to secure a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University.

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