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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world today. On an annual basis, more than a billion people across the globe have some form of coffee and tea. Overall, coffee is by far the second most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. While there are coffee shops all over the world and many different producers today, one of the most unique coffee companies in the world today continues to be the Organo Gold Company. Follow Organo Gold on

The Organo Gold Company is a very popular coffee company that is well known for producing a great product but also using a unique marketing strategy to sell the product and improve its brand. The Organo Gold Company was founded in 2008 by Bernard Chua. The company today does not operate or sell its products through a retail store or any coffeehouses. Instead, the company hires individual distributors that establish their own networks to sell the product. Those that are able to sell the produce succesffully will end up keeping up to a 50% commission on all sales. This helps to promote the sales and encourage more people to sell.

One of the main reasons why Organo Gold Company is so successful is that they have a very unique product. The product that the Organo Gold sells uses a mushroom that is called the ganoderma herb. This herb is known to have many different great health benefits including the reduction of cholesterol. This has helped to make the coffee incredibly popular as it also advertised as a great health product.


Another reason what the Organo Gold Company is continuing to grow in popularity is that it has many different options of coffee to choose from. On top of the standard coffee beans and mix, the company also has a variety of teas, supplements, hot chocolate, and many other products, all of which use the ganoderma mushroom to improve its overall health factor.

While the company is still in its growth mode, the company is continuing to do very well when it comes to financials. The company has made an estimated $35 million per year for the past few years and some of the top sales people in the company make well over $350,000 per year. The company will likely continue to do well in the future when they look to expand into other countries and global markets across the world. Read the reviews at

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