Fabletics Personalizing Shopping Experience for its Customers Like No Other

There are many athleisure companies out there that have been trying to grab a portion of this multi-million dollar growing category. The sale of athleisure and fitness wear has been increasing at a rapid pace in the last few years, and it is primarily due to the increased awareness among the consumers about the health, fitness, and active lifestyle. One of the companies that have made a name for itself in the fashion industry since it was established in the year 2013 is Fabletics. It is a subsidiary of Techstyle Fashion Group, earlier known as JustFab. The growth of Fabletics was so aggressive that even bigger e-commerce retail brands like Amazon felt the impact.


Fabletics follows the membership model, which means that the customers who are a patron of the company’s products can become its VIP members for a small monthly fee. The company would send three items of the customers’ choice to the customers’ homes each month for the monthly membership they pay. The customers would have to select from the product range showcased in the mail that the company sends out to each of its customers. The range of products displayed in the e-mail is based on the personal preferences of the customers. Women are known to be very choosy about what they want and like, and can often be confused with endless choices. The method of shopping offered by Fabletics is very convenient as well as time-saving. As a VIP member, the customers are also entitled to huge discounts.


Kate Hudson who apart from being the brand ambassador is also the co-owner of the brand has been involved in all its operational strategy-making. She has contributed immensely to the designing process, which has helped the products of Fabletics get a unique signature design that is loved by the customers. Kate Hudson didn’t like the fact that there weren’t many companies that offered affordable athleisure wear for women before Fabletics came into being. It is this gap that Kate Hudson hopes to fill through Fabletics. The company’s turnover has jumped to over $250 million in just four years, which is a huge leap in a business that is already saturated with hugely successful brands.


Fabletics has also been able to dominate the athleisure niche due to its data-driven approach, which helps the management decide what should be the strategy going forward. Customers who are new to Fabletics must take the Lifestyle Quiz at its site to know how the company masters the art of personalizing the shopping experience for its customers.

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