A Business-Minded Senior Prepared for Entrepreneur Success

Sawyer Howitt is the new millennial, business-minded senior that is prepared for entrepreneur success (See https://angel.co/sawyer-howitt ). His background proves he has entrepreneurial traits. Being open-minded is number one. Recently, on his WordPress Blog, Sawyer Howitt asked for his follower’s opinion about upgrading his racquet. Asking questions is what it takes for an entrepreneur to understand the business world. His blog also proves he is a people’s person and doesn’t mind asking for help when needed. Entrepreneurs research and find the best route to success. They try to save time by outsourcing with credible sources in order to remain competitive. It is such a pleasurable sight to see how focused a high school senior is on his business goals. He also respects and looks up to his father which is also a very successful entrepreneur.

Secondly, Sawyer Howitt is the epitome of sacrifice. As a senior, he is sacrificing his time wisely. With the focus on business and finance, he decided to accept the Project Manager position with his father business, Meriwether Group. (meriwethergroup.com). Entrepreneurs understand they must sacrifice time and money for success. He has even had customer praising him for his excellence in customer services according to an online article. (ibizatruth.com). Starting with the entrepreneur mindset at such a young age advances Sawyer Howitt opportunity for success compared to the average high school senior working a job. The thought of sacrificing his money to upgrade his racquet proves his ability to upgrade when necessary in the business world as Sawyer Howitt becomes a skilled entrepreneur.

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Brian Torchin, CEO and Medical Professional

Brian Torchin, the CEO of HCRC Staffing, began his lustrous career working in the medical field, specializing in chiropractic medicine. He attended the University of Delaware, graduating with a degree in Exercise Science. He also has an extensive background in physical therapy and sports medicine. Learn more about Brian Torchin: https://www.behance.net/briantorchin

After spending the majority of his time practicing as a chiropractor, he began to take notice that finding a job in the medical field was difficult. He became aware that much of the time, job openings were not always listed. His brilliant idea was to create an organization that is equipped with the resources to assist individuals in finding work in the medical field.

Soon after his revelation, he created HCRC Staffing. HCRC Staffing, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was engineered to match doctors looking for work to hospitals across the United States.

HCRC Staffing also has offices located in Delaware and Florida. HCRC Staffing is an online service that lists job openings in the medical field throughout the United States. They also offer career counseling services.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin is extremely passionate when it comes to helping his community and fellow neighbors. His Facebook page readily states that his company has direct access to a database of thousands of professionals in the healthcare field.

There are several posts on his Facebook page about a variety of specific job openings in many different States.

His hard work has not gone unnoticed, however. Many different media outlets have acknowledged Brian Torchin. He was featured in the article “Torchin staffing the global healthcare industry” by the Digital Journal in May 2013. Wikialagoas.al.org.br wrote an article titled “your health is in safe hands” in October 2014.

Topix.com wrote about how he has a proven track record when it comes to recruiting excellent chiropractors. He was also recognized by Examiner.com pertaining to his success with meeting the demand for medical professionals.

Alexandre Gama: An Experienced Brazilian Advertising Expert

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Alexandre Gama renders services to any size business, even if you’re a startup. Alexandre Gama will show you the best approach to reach your potential customers and ways to ensure that you obtain significant returns on your investment.

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